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Shower Buddies.

This is part two in my photographic/nudist series celebrating the nudist male couple: friends, strangers who just met, lovers or fuck buddies (The first part was posted four months ago). The series will show them posing for pictures, swimming, dancing, streaking, making out, fucking around or just fucking. Most will be outside in full view , some will be inside. This series should be viewed naked with a friend. Enjoy.

For Throwback Thursday we look at vintage nudists couples.

To see both all of the series, go here: http://gay-art-and-more.tumblr.com/tagged/nude-couples

My blog (Gay Art and More) is about gay erotic art, the nudist/naturist/exhibitionist lifestyle, a little politics and more than a little porn, why not follow me too: http://gay-art-and-more.tumblr.com/

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